Woman Celebrates Her 109th Birthday With The Harlem Globetrotters

Virginia McLaurin now has her own team jersey -- No. 109, of course.

Virginia McLaurin, the centenarian who became an internet sensation when she danced with Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House, is still having good times two years later.

This year, McLaurin celebrated her 109th birthday by hanging out with the Harlem Globetrotters at a school near her home in Washington, D.C.

McLaurin’s actual birthday isn’t until March 12, but few were going to let a calendar get in the way of a celebration.

So McLaurin visited Brightwood Elementary School with Globetrotters Zeus McClurkin and Swish Young, and danced in her wheelchair and spun basketballs like she’s been doing it all her very long life.

The Globetrotters are old friends of McLaurin’s, having helped her celebrate her 107th and 108th birthdays as well.

The players gave McLaurin a basketball-themed birthday cake, a new jersey (No. 109, of course), and an official autographed game ball, according to a team press release.

They also donated 109 tickets in McLaurin’s name to underprivileged youth in the area so they can attend two Globetrotters’ games.

You can see highlights from McLaurin’s early birthday party in the video below.

Now, the only thing left is figuring out what to do for her 110th birthday.



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