Centenarian Who Danced At The White House Cuts A Rug With Harlem Globetrotters

Happy birthday, Virginia!

Our favorite boogieing centenarian's back.

Virginia McLaurin, who made headlines when she danced with the Obamas at the White House, turned 107 years old on Saturday. To celebrate, she spent some time with the Harlem Globetrotters at Roots Public Charter School in Washington, D.C., this week.

And of course, she did what she does best -- she cut a rug. 

Her birthday bash was captured on video, and boy does it look like she had a ball. 

The 107-year-old mentioned in the clip that psyched to meet the famous Globetrotters. 

"I'm really excited! I didn't think I'd ever get ... to meet them but I'd always watch them," she said, in a video the team posted to YouTube. "And I'd always try to do what they do with the ball but it didn't work!" 

McLaurin danced with the Globetrotters' Julian "Zeus" McClurkin and Alex "Moose" Weekes, and learned a few tricks from the players. She also received a Harlem Globetrotters-themed cake and got her own jersey. On top of that, the Globetrotters spoke to students at the school, where McLaurin volunteers, about her good qualities. 

According to NBC Washington, the Globetrotters donated 107 tickets to the school, so the elementary school students can see them play. 

We can only imagine where McLaurin will shake it next. 



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