Animal Control Removes Giant Snake Found Chilling In Toilet Bowl

Holy $#!%^.
Hello there, snake.
Hello there, snake.

Splish, splash, this snake was taking a toilet bath.

Animal control officers in Virginia successfully removed a five-foot yellow anaconda from a bathroom in an Arlington apartment, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

Authorities said the snake was discovered curled up in the toilet bowl when a person went to use the bathroom. (Surprise!) The group safely removed the snake and located a specialist who provided the proper care. 

Why, one might ask, would a snake take a dip in the john? There’s actually a pretty logical reason.

Snakes self-regulate their body temperatures,” Jennifer Toussaint, chief animal control officer in Arlington County, told WUSA-9. “So it could be that the heat kicked on and the floor was warm so they were seeking the water source to cool off a little. They can get loose, they can make their way through people’s walls and just show up wherever there is a hole.”

The snake was adopted by a reptile specialist and given the name Sir Hiss.

Check out the full Facebook post from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington: