Virilis Pro Sued By Adrian Carter For Male Enhancement Pill's Alleged DISGUSTING Side Effect [GRAPHIC]

Male 'Enhancement' Pill Causes Crippling Side Effect: Lawsuit [GRAPHIC]

If a story involving an erection pill, penis surgery and lots of blood doesn't suit your fancy, you should probably stop reading.

If it does, meet Adrian Carter, who claims in a lawsuit filed on Monday that a Virilis Pro pill made his penis bleed and led to a terrifying surgery in which much of his manhood's skin had to be removed.

Oh, it gets worse.

Carter bought a bottle of Virilis Pro at a gas station in Houston, on the way to a motel to enjoy a night with his significant other in May 2011.

"During sexual intercourse, plaintiff experienced significant pain and observed a large quantity of blood squirting out of his penis onto the sheets, walls and mirror in the hotel room; his penis and scrotum were visibly swollen," writes his lawyer, Melissa Moore, in a complaint obtained by Courthouse News Service.

He immediately went to an emergency room in the area, where he underwent surgery. Doctors had to "deglove," or remove, the skin from Carter's penis, because his urethra had separated completely and the organ was dangerously swollen (beyond Virilis Pro's intended target).

Carter, who now urinates through a catheter, may never have an erection again, according to Moore.

Representatives from Haute Health, the manufacturers of Virilis Pro, didn't immediately respond to The Huffington Post's request for comment. The company's website maintains that there are no side effects from the "all-natural male enhancement" pill, though the statements haven't been approved by the FDA.

"It's made with only natural ingredients to prevent harmful side effects. Always check with a healthcare professional before using any supplement," the site states. "Virilis Pro is a male enhancement supplement that works to give you a harder erection for natural male enlargement and a more intense orgasm."

Ingredients include: Epimedium, Tribulus Terrestris, Panax Ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea, Lycium Chinese and Yohimbe Extract.

Carter's case appears to be unique, if online customer reviews are to be believed.

"They work great," one customer writes on Amazon, "and I have tried just about everything out there."

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