Virtual Conservation: Protecting Endangered Species and Habitats on Facebook


Last week, Good World Games and Orangutan Outreach announced their partnership in MyConservation Park's orangutan mission -- a new Facebook game that allows players to manage their own orangutan park while helping to save orangutans in the real world.

MyConservationPark links virtual parks to those in the real world, creating an innovative social game with a
planet-friendly mission: protecting endangered species and habitats. Finally, an interactive game with a purpose!

According to Orangutan Outreach Director, Richard Zimmerman:

"We are thrilled to be partnering up with Good World Games on this exciting new online venture. Connecting with the gaming community on Facebook will definitely be a win-win for players and orangutans! Raising awareness via MyConservationPark will have an enormous impact on the lives of orangutans in the wild as well as those being cared for in real-life rescue centers."

In a recent press release, My Conservation Park is described as a game where the "hero" must be protected from an ever-growing number of human and environmental threats raiding their habitat. By conquering these challenges successfully, the player will be rewarded with cash and karma. Players aim to enrich the hero's habitat and balance the ecosystem by buying native flora and fauna and hiring staff like rangers and veterinarians to help protect their "hero" and keep the habitat sustainable. Friends can visit each other's parks to help protect and enrich each other's conservation habitats. Even more incentive to play: Good World Games donates 15 percent of player in-game purchases directly to Orangutan Outreach.

According to Gregory Sukornyk, CEO of Good World Games:

"Orangutan Outreach is a leading organization in fighting for the protection of orangutans and we are excited to partner with them for the game's orangutan mission. When players buy virtual goods with real money, they are funding Orangutan Outreach's conservation programs in the real world."

To start your own Orangutan park today and support Orangutan Outreach's conservation efforts, please visit the following link.

Photo credit: Rosalie Dench, Orangutan Outreach

About Orangutan Outreach:
Orangutan Outreach has been dedicated to protecting orangutans in their native habitat since its foundation in 2007. They work to promote public awareness of conservation strategies, and collaborate with Indonesian conservationists in the running of orangutan rehabilitation centers and sanctuaries. The organization also funds rescue efforts of orangutans confiscated on palm oil plantations and those held illegally by private owners. Orangutan Outreach works with zoos worldwide to raise awareness of orangutan conservation efforts and uses the Internet to provide free orangutan-related curriculum materials. Their local and global fundraising efforts support these goals. Visit them online at

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