Virtual Davos

Virtual Davos
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I was -- or, rather, my virtual Second Life avatar self, Arianna Hera - was interviewed live on Second Life at Davos Wednesday night by Adam Pasick (aka Adam Reuters), the Reuters bureau chief in Second Life. Yes, Reuters actually has a bureau - and a full-time bureau chief - in Second Life.

In the real world (First Life), the interview took place in one of the large concourses of the Congress Center (Davos HQ). A small crowd gathered to watch Adam and I chatting in the flesh and on a flat screen showing our avatars. It was a tad schizophrenic -- mainly because it felt so natural. Here are some pics. To see the interview, go here. And while you're in the virtual world, where HuffPost has our own embedded reporter, Rita J. King (aka Eureka Dejavu), see if you can find us a good location for our planned Second Life office. And remember, even in the virtual world, it's all about location, location, location.



Photos by Roy Sekoff

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