Woman Plays Zombie Game On VR Headset, Seriously Freaks Out

Mind. Blown.

Virtual reality was all too real for one woman.

Graphic designer Carrie Glaser recently wore a VR headset to play a zombie game, but she completely freaked while trying to shoot her way out of danger.

Video posted online showed her shouting in terror as the living dead attacked her in the game:

Madeleine Sweet, a senior copywriter who works with Glaser at Silicon Valley marketing company Zooka Creative, posted the hilarious footage to Twitter on Friday. It's since gone viral.

The clip was the latest in a line of videos showing people struggling to come to grips with the virtual reality experience. A grandma named Marie was caught on camera squealing in delight as she went on a virtual roller coaster ride, while this British father's mind was blown when he wore one of the headsets for the very first time.