Unemployment Numbers Worsen; Next Year's Numbers Will Be Even Worse

Unemployment Numbers Worsen; Next Year's Numbers Will Be Even Worse
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Economists tell us that the recession may soon be ending. "Recession" is an economic term. The "NY Times" tells us "if statistics went back as far,(unemployment) the measure would almost certainly be at the highest level since the Great Depression....In all, one out of every six workers--17.5 percent were unemployed, or underemployed in October.

As a HarperCollins and Random House author and Jobconomist, I am predicting right now--next year 2010--will only be worse!

Who am I? The star of the upcoming TV series "The Headhunter From Hell" and I am the author of the HarperCollins global bestseller "Bulletproof Your Job".

The world has changed, as have government programs. Most lost jobs will NEVER be back. What were then bread lines in 1929 are not, people applying for food stamps cards. People, who once had an Amex card, now have what looks like an Amex credit card, but people can use to buy groceries. What were "food stamps" are now food cards. In some states, you can even use these cards at COSTCO.

We have all seen old newsreels of news stories, of people jumping out of windows, as they lost their family fortunes, mostly all on paper. Banks collapsed, and were closed. People were depressed and in despair. We are told suicide, seemed the only way out for so many. The same applies today for those who have been unemployed and underemployed for long periods of time. People write about the tormented guilt the feel about being of of work. The only thing worse then being unemployed today, is to be the spouse or partner, of a person unemployed (worse if that other person is working). You feel helpless, yet you want to put on a good face. It is torture, I am told. Thousands write me each day for workplace advice (Stephen@viscusi.com). I tell them how to keep the job they have at all cost, I give them unconventional secrets on not giving up hope and how to find the new job--and even how to create a resume, that will get them a interview (www.bulletproofyourresume.com). Then, I tell them something unconventional-- "Pray". Belive it or not, very few, ever are offended. The power of Prayer, can and does work in the job work.

I cannot help but feel, from the e-mails and letters I get from my viewers and readers that, the suicides of 1929, from bank collapse and stock market collapse, will now be copy-catted-- to suicides of people, who can no longer find work, in 2009 and 2010-- Men and woman, but mostly white men over 50 who can no longer find work. Worse, for them, because everyone will be talking about the "changing economic news for 2010", and the stock market will rise, and -so, if you are currently unemployed, with all this positive economic news, you understandably will feel bewildered, depressed, stressed., that if things are getting good again--how come you can't find a job?

I dare say the yammering of the money talking heads, like Jim Cramer "Mad Money", and Suze Orman, who will be in glee over the fact that they are semi "relevant" again. These money talking heads will keep their jobs, even though you will not be getting yours back. Let me be the first to say, I could not write a book on how to tell how to invest your 401K, anymore, than I would expect, a money talking head or author, could tell you how to save your job or find a new one.

For the very first time, people who had always held "good jobs" - cannot get back to work. Men tell me they are emasculated, and the women tell me, they feel, whatever the reverse of that is.
What is left for these people? My viewers and readers tell me they cannot pay their mortgage or rent--maybe then cannot pay child support. Therapy, Prozac - all that stuff, often does not help. Time will tell if my terrible and sad prediction about these "unemployment" related suicides in 2009 and 2010--is correct.

Much like it takes the economist, a year to tell us when a recession ends or starts - when the statistics, of suicides, of those unemployed - when they are statically studied years later, we will learn that there were more suicides in 009 and 2010, from distressed unemployed people.
So, in spite of the fact that the stock market may raise in 2010, jobs will not. Barely a hiccup of growth in jobs. Nothing.

"Jobconomist." A new word I invented that describes, an employment expert, whose experience, based on history, and changing technology. One needs not be a genius, one just needs to be a realist, understand people, business, and follow patterns of the past. Jobconomist--are mostly intuitive-- or maybe "counter-intuitive" is a better word.

I am predicting as a "Jobconomist," that very few new jobs will be created in 2010. At least another 14 months of, unemployment for those of you who are unemployed? If you are lucky enough to have a job, the thousands of people that have read my latest book, "Bulletproof Your Job" (HarperCollins) - tell me, that in this book, I give realistic techniques and strategies on how you can still be "the last employee standing." The book is published in 9 languages. My first book is called "On the Job" (Random House).

Now do not kill the messenger---or yourself, but I know I am right.

The rising stock market, changing political climate and talking heads, babbling over money, and politics, will distract you next year, from realizing that, the fact our economic recession may be ending--but the dire job climate, lack of growth, will remain.

So keep sending me your resumes and letters. Visit my own website www.bulletproofyourresume.com

Mostly know, that things will get worse before they get better, and after you finish reading this column, with me: Close your eyes, take just a moment to "Pray". Pray for fr the job you have if you have one, pray to find one if you are looking and pray for your friends family and even strangers. Take a deep breath. You are not alone. Times will get better. You will find work, I promise you.

Stephen Viscusi is the author of the HarperColins book "Bulletproof Your Job" Available in 9 languages. He is a world renowned Jobconomist. He is the founder of www.bulletproofyourjob.com a career consulting and resume service. He is the host of the up comiing network TV series "The Head-Hunter From Hell".
He welcomes letters and questions about the workplace and jobs to "Huffington Post" readers and will answer your questions, in this BLOG column.
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