Visit Chicago's Worst Museums

That David Bowie exhibit at the MCA is cool as hell. George Lucas just announced that his museum is going to make our heads explode. And the Art Institute? TripAdvisor recently named it the #1 best museum in the entire United States, handily beating out institutions like the Getty Center, the Met and the Smithsonian.

Though the city easily deserves the top spot in the rankings, a fair number of Chicago museums deserve to round out the bottom. Here's a sampling of the least popular museums Chicago has to offer.

Museum of Service and Industry

Explore the Midwest's largest collection dedicated to your bar and waitstaff, featuring the Wall of Receipts, a bunch of servers named Sarah and The Interactive Undertipping Experience. Curated by Jon Taffer.

The "Dave Matthews Is" Exhibit

Before Bowie, the MCA partnered up with Wrigleyville to trace the evolution of Dave Matthews Band. Follow the band's journey from its early days as a not-quite-jam band to its current incarnation as the Jimmy Buffet of millennials.

Smith Museum of Stained Clothing

Sad about the closing of Navy Pier's Stained Glass Museum? Get over it while perusing the world's largest assortment of soiled garments, many of which belong to employees of Navy Pier.

CTA Transit Card Museum

Relive the excitement of having a working transit pass by traveling as far back in time to 2013, an exciting time in Chicago history that allowed passengers to board buses and trains without having to "Try Again." Your ticket also doubles as a MasterCard, which you will never use, because why?

Chicago Fire Festival Museum

Take a stroll through a wooden Victorian home that couldn't catch fire if two million dollars depended on it. (Note to time travelers: if you want to stop the city from burning in 1871, bring Redmoon Theater back with you to construct the buildings!)

Feel'd Museum

You haven't visited Chicago until you've been groped by local perverts! To experience the museum, ride any bus or train.

Spoiled Foodseum

Sponsored exclusively by the Four Corners Tavern Group, this trip down memory lane recreates the experience of going to a favorite Chicago bar or restaurant before it was bought out by a local conglomerate that trades the establishment's heart and soul for chicken wings and Miley Cyrus. Curated by Jon Taffer.

Divvy Museuum

An annual gift ($79) grants access to a members-only network of clueless, inexperienced cyclists.

Illinois Institute of Defeating Political Corruption

Opening date TBD.

Written by Greg Ott. This post originally appeared on The Second City Network.

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