Visual Novels for Girls: Made in Singapore

Otome games are visual novels in which the main character that the player leads or plays as is a female and eventually gets together with a male lead. Various Otome games have been localized by English publishers to capitalise on the growing demand for such content.

Over the years, more and more games have been developed and released, geared towards the Western audience. Afterthought Studios, which has set up Lunaniere, is one such company that wishes to take advantage of this growing trend.

A Singapore based developer eyeing the otome market, they are one of the companies that have announced that they will start developing Otome games, to target the female audience. The founder, Darren Kwok, points out that the purchasing power of the female demographic is at times, stronger than that of the males’ spending power.

An increasing number of developers have sprung up, outside Japan, to create visual novels and Darren is one such opportunistic person to do so.

“We are excited, to say the least. We would like to also take this chance to announce our new project, Wishes in Pen: Chrysanthemums in August.”

The story will take place in the late 1800s, in the Bakumatsu period, which saw the eruption of the Boshin War, a brief but violent war that swept the Tokugawa Shogunate off the reins of power and restored the Imperial Family as the ruling authority of Japan.

“Right now, we are still in talks with certain people that we feel that will be beneficial to our project overall, including cosplayers.”

“We will launch a Kickstarter that we hope will be received with love from the public that we have been so accustomed to.”

Afterthought Studios has so far developed and published 3 games, with at least another four unconfirmed. Lunaniere has revealed itself to be one of the unconfirmed rumours that have been officially confirmed by the Singaporean entrepreneur.

What is the estimated release date?

“I won't commit to any date at the moment. If the time comes, all of you will know for sure.”

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