Visualizing the Evolution of the Modern Credit Card [VIDEO]

'Charge cards' have dated back as far back as the 1920s, as they were offered by stations, department stores and hotel chains so they wouldn't have to go back to their hometown to get cash.

While technology has advanced since, considering close to a century has passed since the idea of a credit card materialized, it's particularly surprising to note how little has actually changed with credit card technology. This near-century existence of charge cards furthers the argument that some believe credit cards will always exist in one way, shape, or form.

But technology is indeed changing, and the above video below from Intuit chronicles the history of the credit card, and even gives a look at some of the future payment solutions being incorporated into various commerce platforms. Imagine being able to view your credit card balance on the card itself, or having the ability to press a button on a card and pay with reward points instead of credit.

Here's a look: