6 Graphics To Show To Your Climate-Denying Uncle This Thanksgiving

Pumpkin pie with a side of science.

Trying to have any meaningful discussion about the climate change crisis with someone who rejects mainstream science is a recipe for frustration.

And with a president-elect who has said climate change is “bullshit” and a “hoax,” it’s likely many family holiday celebrations this year will include unproductive and, shall we say, spirited banter.

“Climate change is here and humans are the cause!” you might shout. “Just look at the rising seas, extreme weatherblistering global temperatures ...”

To which your Uncle Eddie may snap, “It’s the sun,” or, “Actually, young whippersnapper, the planet is cooling.”

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some powerful and sobering climate visuals that will do the talking for you. This isn’t a blessing to go looking for trouble ― only a way out of it should it arise.

If your climate-denying relatives still aren’t convinced, walk away ― slowly ― and focus your attention on the leftover stuffing.



Climate change seen from around the world