'Chainsaw Massacre' Prank Slays YouTube Audience

Can't get to a haunted house before Halloween? This very graphic video is probably far more frightening.

The video show notorious YouTube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy made up to look like a chainsaw-wielding maniac, with a blood-soaked apron, bloody jeans and a mask similar to the "Leatherface" character in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," according to the Broward/Palm Beach New Times.

Set in a parking garage, Zdorovetskiy appears to disembowel another man, who looks like he's been sawed in half.

The faux victim is actually Nick Santonastasso, an actor with Hanhart syndrome, a genetic disorder with symptoms that include missing limbs.

Unsuspecting bystanders scream as Santonastasso moves quickly across the parking lot floor, leaving a stream of fake blood.

The witnesses become more freaked out when Zdorovetskiy chases them with his chainsaw.

Since debuting last week on YouTube, the video's been viewed almost two million times.

Take a look at how Zdorovetskiy and his crew filmed the prank on this behind-the-scenes video.

Zdorovetskiy's previous pranks include the time he dressed as a zombie to frighten people in Miami's poorest neighborhoods and one featuring a woman who repeatedly turns him down for a date until she thinks he drives a Lamborghini sports car.



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