Vitamin A is the Most Powerful Gift We Can Give

Vitamin A is the Most Powerful Gift We Can Give
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Tips for giving Acknowledgement, one of our fundamental human needs.

One of the key lessons I have learned which has contributed to any success in my career and relationships, is to acknowledge others for a job well done. When I do, it makes me feel good and draws success to my life.

I was fortunate to have parents who constantly said, “Good job and you can do it Steve.” So for me it came naturally to give kudos to others.

I know from my coaching career that some folks find it hard to share a compliment for reasons ranging from never getting them as a kid or lack of self-esteem to fear of competition or not just used to saying “good job.” to others.

Acknowledgement however is a fundamental human need. People respond to it expressed through recognition, because it confirms they and their actions are valued.

When people are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve.

Kim Berg and Therese Steiner, co –authors of the book, Children’s Solution Work emphasized the importance of acknowledgement when they wrote: "All people want to be treated with respect, want to be valued and accepted, loved, and cherished, and made to feel they are making important contributions to society and that their wishes and desires are heard and respected." Bill O'Hanlon, Author of Do One Thing Different said the following about the powerful effect of acknowledging: "You really give them a sense that they've been heard; that their experiences have been acknowledged; that who they are has been valued and validated."

Four Vitamin A Tips

1.) Acknowledge yourself with Vitamin A as it is the most powerful boost you can give to someone.

2.) Share some good vibes with as many people as you can. Give more Vitamin A to friends, co-workers, or even someone at a store. It will boost you and those you give it too.

3.) Ask yourself if acknowledgements that you give to others are unconditional and authentic.

4.) Express acknowledgements through your words, and your body language too.

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