Missoni's Plane Found, According To Statement From Family

Vittorio Missoni's Plane Found

Vittorio Missoni's plane has been found, according to a statement from Missoni today.

The plane carrying Vittorio Missoni, Maurizia Castiglioni, Guido Foresti, Elda Scalvenzi, pilot Hernan Jose' Marchan and co-pilot Juan Carlos Ferrer Milano went missing off the coast of Venezuela on Jan. 4th. In the past seven months, multiple searches have been launched, only turning up a bag from the flight in the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao.

But this week, oceanographic ship Deep Sea discovered the wreckage in the waters to the north of the Los Roques Archipelago. At this time, the plane hasn't been recovered and it isn't known if bodies are inside. The families of the passengers thanked the recovery teams in their statement:

The families thank the Venezuelan Government and the Italian Government for the effort in having made this search possible, and they are confident that the investigation will follow through to the ascertainment of the causes and the responsibility for the accident.

As the eldest son of Ottavio Missoni, the company's 91-year-old founder, Vittorio Missoni served as CEO of the family's fashion house. Stay tuned for details as recovery efforts for the plane are launched.

Read more about the details of the missing plane here.

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