Viva la Revolucion?

I really enjoy politics and getting into the issues and understand the candidate platforms around election time. I read the news, I watched the debates, I voted in the primaries and the general election. And I stayed up until almost 3 am and watched as someone I hate and am afraid of and am disgusted by became elected to our highest office.

People are now saying “Oh well, it’s done, you have to come together as a nation. No sense in unfriending someone over a difference in politics!”

First of all, no, we do not need to come together to support the new president. Revolutions have been built on less, and we are overdue for a massive change in our electoral and democratic process and campaign reform and more.

Secondly and most importantly, I am not unfriending you because we have a slight difference in opinion of big government vs. small government, or I lean pro-choice and you lean pro-life. Those are human differences.

I am unfriending you because you watched a man who mocked the disabled, who repeatedly talked about not respecting woman and wanting to punish them if they have an abortion, who laughed while talking about how he criminally sexually assaults people, who can’t control his emotions, who openly and repeatedly contradicted himself, who had an anti-Semitic head of his campaign (now transition team), who wants to bomb the crap out of foreign nations, who has no experience, and who wants to REGISTER all the US Citizens who happen to be Muslims.

You were able to watch and justify and dismiss all of those things, because you thought he would shake up the government, drain the swamp, and was a good businessman, despite so many defaulted loans that US banks won’t loan him any more money, despite his multiple bankruptcies, and refusing to pay workers what they’re due.

I can’t handle knowing that you voted for a man who wants to set back women’s rights, who wants to revoke same-sex marriage, and who wants to marginalize and register so many of our brethren. A man who doesn’t “believe” in climate change, as if it’s some sort of opinion. As if almost every month this year hasn’t been the hottest on record. Climate change is real, is accepted by pretty much all of the world’s citizens, except a few pockets, including the guy we’ve now arranged to lead us.

I understand you’re scared. At least, I assume you’re more scared, now that you’ve seen that instead of draining the swamp, Trump has filled his team with lobbyists and consultants. I hope you’re freaked out that many Republicans don’t want to work for him, because he is TOO right wing for them, and they say he’s crazy. Even Ben Carson turned down a spot on his team.

Now that you have clear evidence that he is not going to get rid of lobbying and consultants, that he has stated he is not planning to repeal the ACA, he thanked Hillary for her service instead of assigning a Special Prosecutor. Notice not a single word has been said about charging her since he won. He has already said on his “60 Minutes” interview, that his “great, great wall” on the Mexican border will “probably be some fencing.”

This is an all-of-us problem now. In some ways, you’re right. It’s done and now we have to deal with it. We SHOULD come together. Not to support his poor decision-making skills, but to rail against him and be the beautiful melting pot society we should be.

Trump never cared about you during the campaign, yelling to shun the media, inciting violence against protesters and minorities, saying he would have his children be a “blind trust,” and never giving any indication or plan to help the middle class or minorities. He certainly hasn’t shown he cares now, appointing a well-known white nationalist to his team, as well as people from banking and pharma. This is a man whose companies products are made overseas but still took time in his campaign to bash companies that think about outsourcing. His companies are STILL currently making products in Mexico and he living in a grand delusion? Are we?

And unfortunately, he doesn’t care now. He seems overwhelmed by the actual job of President, and his lack of political experience means he has a steep learning curve. He’s a hothead and a bully, and we have handed over the keys to the capital, our national security, and the nukes, to a guy who had to be restrained from Twitter because his staffers didn’t trust him.

In so many ways, I feel sorry for us. He fooled us all. No one thought he was serious or could really win, and we got too complacent. He slammed everyone with his rhetoric, and is now having to backtrack. It’s easy to bluster when you don’t even know the rules of the job.

Our democratic process has failed us, the electoral college has failed us. The “loser” won the popular vote by almost 2 million and counting. We have an age and nationality requirement, but no experience requirement for the hardest job in our country? Maybe that should be the first change we enact.

Revolutions have been built on less. We left the Queen so that we would not be prosecuted for our religion. Yet we just elected a man who wants to register and possibly deport UNITED STATES CITIZENS because of their religion. For goodness sake, Russia is now saying they were in contact with Trump’s organization throughout the campaign. How much evidence do we need?

Go make some tea, we need to have a chat with a monarch.

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