Vivian Billings, 'The Gossip Game' Star, Embraces Transgender Son On VH1 Show

On the latest episode of VH1's "The Gossip Game" things got heated between blogger Vivian Billings and radio host Steph Lova. Lova went on air and made a few comments in regards to Billings' son Kayden's sexuality.

In the midst of drama, this lead to a very heartfelt and emotional moment on the reality show centered around hip-hop bloggers and journalists. Billings ended up having an intense conversation with Kayden about accepting him for he who is.

Kayden explained his transition and identity to Billings, which caused the blogger to break down in tears. "I accept you for who you are," Billings said. "As a mother, you'll never understand the love that a mother has for her child. So when somebody talks about my kid, I'm going to check them."

During the reflective interview Billings had a message for parents.

"If this is what makes your child happy, you have to support them and love them regardless because the outside world is not going to give them that,"she said. "So why make their life harder?"

Watch the video above at the 33:15 mark.

Recently, there has been more visibility of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community on television, especially on reality TV. Kayden's bravery and willingness to be open and informative is great in terms of educating the public, especially on a hip hop and urban based platform.

Billings and Kayden recently stopped by New York's Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club and further more explained Kayden's journey.Watch the interview with Power 105.1 below.