Vivica A. Fox Apologizes For Saying Gays Are Not Welcome At Her Strip Show

Thanks, girl.

Vivica A. Fox has backpedalled on a recent claim that her all-male strip club featured in her new reality series “Vivica’s Black Magic” is not a welcome space for gay men, and is now offering an apology if she offended anyone with her comments.

Appearing on “The Breakfast Club” last Friday, Fox told the hosts “Hell no!” when asked if gays could attend her new all-male strip show. When pressed further as to why, Fox responded “Because there’s no need to. They dance for women. It’s called ‘The Ultimate Girls Night Out’ for a reason.”

Following a condemnation of her comments from the show’s co-producer Jean-Claude LaMarre, Fox is now walking back her claims, apologizing to the LGBTQ community in an Instagram comment.

She also offered some clarifying comments in the form of a tweet.

Thanks for apologizing, Vivica. Now how about some gay inclusion in season two of “Vivica’s Black Magic”?