So Many Penises Dangling On This Fashion Week Runway (NSFW)

Phallic necklaces are well-hung

Penises are to be expected at a men's fashion show. The models are male, after all.

But the penis as a big and shiny fashion accessory? British designer Vivienne Westwood had her flesh-and-blood mannequins wear silver and gold phalluses around their necks at a recent Men's Fashion Week show in Milan.

Talk about brass balls ... 

"Westwood clearly has a sense of humor, designing of all things penis chokers. Pause for effect," The Fashion Spot joked.

Details pointed out that Tom Ford introduced an 18 carat gold member a while back, but it's not nearly as conspicuous as Westwood's johnson jewelry.

And who could forget the real deal on display last year in a full-frontal runway show from Rick Owens? While going au naturel probably wouldn't catch on even with the most ardent slaves to fashion, could Westwood's naughty baubles?

She once gave Rihanna a purse with a holographic-embroidered schlong, so she isn't shy about going there.

But we're trying to imagine wearing a penis pendant to the neighborhood Super Bowl party and we're thinking maybe not.

Maybe Zoolander could pull it off.

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