Vlad Teichberg Live Q&A: Meet A Member Of Occupy Wall Street's Media Team

Vlad Teichberg occupied Wall Street for years, working as a derivatives trader up until 2008. These days, however, the 39-year-old spends his time assisting the Occupy Wall Street movement currently rallying against his former employers.

Vital to the quickly spreading movement has been the constant flow of social media out of the events.
Teichberg is a founding member of Global Revolution TV, a live streaming website working day and night to disseminate videos about what's happening on the streets to the general public. They stream videos on and upload videos to YouTube.

After a solidarity march with the Oakland protesters in New York City, for example, Global Revolution rapidly worked to put out a video showing police clashing with protesters.

The New Yorker writes, "Global Revolution brands itself as non-hierarchical, but if anyone is in charge it is Vlad Teichberg, a thirty-nine-year-old former derivatives trader." Teichberg insists that no one is in charge.

Born in Moscow, Teichberg's family moved to New York when he was 10 years old. His family was forced to leave the Soviet Union after his father leaked details about Jewish students receiving harder collegiate entrance examinations than other students to the press.

In New York, he attended the Bronx High School of Science and then Princeton University, where he majored in math. He briefly left school to work on Wall Street, returned to school, graduated, and then again found himself on Wall Street.

Disturbed by the Patriot Act and political environment following 9/11, Vlad co-founded the Glass Bead Collective while working on Wall Street, a self-described "multi-disciplinary non-profit art collective" that has produced several films that focused on what he calls the "suppression of dissent in United States."

Following the Arab Spring, Vlad Teichberg traveled to Spain in May of this year. Initially, he expected to train people to work on revolutions in Africa, but he found himself amidst the AcampadaSol uprising in Spain. There, he co-founded the AcampadaSol media collective and helped operate their global live stream.

Now, he works on Occupy Wall Street as a member of the media collective.

Today, The Huffington Post is hosting a live video chat with Vlad Teichberg, who will answer any questions about Occupy Wall Street. Enter our Vokle chat below and ask away: