Ukrainian Statue Portrays Putin As Dobby The House-Elf

And it's a masterpiece.

A pair of political artists in Ukraine unveiled a monument to the "Russian world" on Monday, according to Crimean news agency QHA, but the statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin looks less like the shirtless/black-belt/cowboy stud he'd probably like you to imagine, and more like Dobby the House-Elf from the Harry Potter films.

The statue of Putin in Luhansk's Heroes Square appears to mourn over a dead bullfinch in its hands, reportedly mocking the Kremlin's accusation that Ukrainian school children killed a bullfinch because its plumage matched the Russian flag.

While Putin and Dobby might be two things you would probably never put together yourself, the combo has been a long-running meme in Russia and Ukraine.

In fact, in 2003, reports circulated that Russian lawyers planned to sue Warner Brothers because of the CGI-animated Dobby's resemblance to Putin -- at the time, a public poll conducted by the BBC's children network found that 54 percent of responders believed Dobby and Putin had "probably been separated at birth."

The statue has reportedly been moved to a nearby island, as the artists didn't obtain a permit to keep it in the square past Monday, according to a HuffPost translation of a local news report.

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