Vladimir Putin Dog Photo: Russian President Poses With Dogs In Snow In Latest Bizarre Press Picture (PHOTO)

Don't worry, Russia. Everything's fine!

Giant meteors may be streaking through the sky, NGOs may be facing a government crackdown and intolerance towards the LGBT community may be on the rise, but your president has something to cure what ails you: an adorable photo with some puppies!


vladimir putin dogs

The latest in the Russian leader's series of unusual photo opportunities sees the strongman rolling in the snow with his dogs, in a manner that would not look out of place in a cutesy calendar.

In case you are interested, Putin's dogs are an Akito-Inu called Yume (front), and Buffy, a Bulgarian Shepherd.

Putin has a long history of staging bizarre photo opportunities, in which he has portrayed himself as a pilot, a shirtless outdoorsman, a whale hunter, a biker, a doctor and, possibly best of all, a glider pilot who assists lost geese in returning to their migratory path.

Check out the slideshow of Putin's greatest hits below.

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