DJ Fenix, Vladimir Putin's 'Official DJ,' Loves His Gay Fans

Vladimir Putin's 'Official DJ' Loves His Gay Fans

Russian President Vladimir Putin's staunch anti-gay agenda isn't deterring prominent musicians within his country from embracing the love from queer fans.

DJ Fenix, whose real name is Alex Mamonov, became the first person to DJ at the Kremlin, and he was also on the bill at Putin's second inauguration, according to the Guardian. But despite Russia's anti-gay propaganda law, Fenix said he loves all his fans, gay or straight.

"I'm musician and not politician," Fenix said. He added that while the government chooses what's "good" for the country, "I love my fans ... gay, lesbians or normal guys, like man and woman together."

Fenix, who's become a huge DJ for Russia's "elite," said, "It's all about love at the end of the day, you know, and you can choose what you want."

Watch the video above to see DJ Fenix discuss his relationship with Vladimir Putin.

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