Vladmir Putin's Face Appears In NYC Bird Swarm


Are these videographers Putin us on?

A video posted to YouTube on Aug. 11 shows a flock of birds swarming, and forming the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The video was posted by user Sheryl Gilbert, who filmed it while crossing the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn.

The video has more than a million page views at this point, and almost as many opinions as to its meaning.

The Washington Post points out the so-called face in the video could be Steve Jobs, Robin Williams or Jerry Mouse, but Putin became the most popular possibility after the Russian news station Zvezda posted the video.

One person posting on Gilbert's YouTube page said the bird-brained video is a "warning to the U.S. that they shouldn't start a war with Russia," according to Newser.

Of course, a simpler answer may be more likely.

One YouTube poster suggested that the birds in the video, starlings, tend to fly in circles to avoid predators, and any similarities to Putin are coincidental.

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