Why These Famous Vloggers Think The Internet Is An 'Absolutely Terrifying Place'

Millions of supportive subscribers can't protect these Internet celebs from the haters.

Famous YouTubers like Jim Chapman and Sprinkle of Glitter shared their experiences with hate comments in a video as part of BBC Radio 1's anti-cyberbullying week.

In the video, the vloggers initially explain their love for the Internet, but also reveal the worst hate comments they've received, pointing out the negative effects of the cyber world.

"I love the Internet -- until everybody else is on it," said Dean Dobbs, half of the comedy duo known as Jack and Dean on YouTube.

Because of the physical disconnect between Internet users, many people fail to see the consequences of their hateful comments.

"They don't think that any of it is real," said Dan Howell, who is known as Danisnotonfire online. "It's all just pixels -- no actual people with emotions."

The YouTubers' efforts are another big step toward promoting positivity online.

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