Vlogorrhea, With Jason And Ana: Decline And Fall

Vlogorrhea, With Jason And Ana: Decline And Fall

With nine days to go before the election, Ana Marie Cox and I gathered together with Liz Glover and Nikolas Schiller and made some vlogs. Why not, right? In the first two, which appear below, we concentrated on the ends of things. First, barring a miraculous electoral comeback, it appears as if these are the last days of John McCain's eight-year long quest to attain the Presidency. Ana and I take in Robert Draper's account of the shifting McCain narratives from this weekend's New York Times Magazine, to assess how well he captured the campaign and discuss how careful you have to be when you decide to cross Mark Salter.

On the second piece, we discuss the abrupt demise of RADAR Magazine, and its RADAROnline website, which, up until last Friday, was one of Ana Marie's employers. We pour one out for an idea too beautiful for this world to sustain. By the way, have you read today's Fresh Intelligence? If you think of it as a secret Alex Balk/Choire Sicha penned parody of emptyheaded journalism, it's pretty funny! But it's not that. Seriously. Read this, and this. It's just AWFUL. Writing so bad that it makes one yearn for the sweet relief of alien, brain-devouring prions. Anyway, there's our topics for today.

[WATCH, Part one.]

[WATCH, Part two.]

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