VMA Fashion: Let's Relive The Most Memorable Moments (PHOTOS)

Anyone who's ever seen the MTV Video Music Awards knows that evening gowns and cocktail dresses have no place on the red carpet. Love it or hate it, the VMAs are where fashion mistakes are made, outlandish style steals the show and wardrobe malfunctions reign supreme.

The VMAs are where Britney Spears can rip off a pinstripe suit and dance around in a beige bodysuit; where Lil Kim can wear nothing but a pasty while Diana Ross fondles her on stage; and where the Spice Girls could wear the shortest bottoms even seen on this side of the Atlantic.

In short, the MTV VMAs have created dozens of memorable fashion moments that, try as we might, we can never un-see. To get psyched up for this Thursday's show, here's a look back at some of the most indelible, iconic and just plain wacky style pics from the Video Music Awards.

The Most Memorable VMAs Fashion

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