Vogue Is Trolling Us By Suggesting That People Should Wear Dog Collars

At least they're on sale?

We wouldn’t exactly call Vogue an authority on down-to-earth fashion, but the glossy just took things a paw print too far.

In a piece titled “10 New Wardrobe Essentials You Never Knew You Needed,” the mag states that “the definition of ‘essentials’ has changed” to include things like “crisp khakis,” “statement socks,” and oh, an actual dog collar reminiscent of those coveted Tiffany & Co. dog tag necklaces of our youth.


The “Chain Control Collar for Dogs, 14-inch length” is currently on sale at Petco for just $4.19, and boasts “maximum strength and durability.” It also touts itself as “a great deterrent for dogs that chew their collars,” something we all, of course, look for when in the market for new jewelry.

Is Vogue trolling us? Maybe. Do we suddenly have an urge to stock up on what are essentially $4 chokers? Maybe. Although, we’re personally partial to splurging on this one for $5.99, because it’s got a pink thread running through it.

h/t Racked

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