How Lisa Lovatt-Smith Went From A Tea-Fetching Intern To International Editor For Vogue

When Lisa Lovatt-Smith started out at British Vogue, she was little more than a tea-fetching intern. But by sticking with Anna Wintour during the nascent stages of her leadership at the magazine, Lovatt-Smith went on to become a prominent part of the masthead.

"Anna Wintour came along, and of course a lot of people left the magazine," she told HuffPost Live in a Friday interview. "She wanted a completely different look to it, and so one day there weren't that many people left, and I think she decided to promote me."

Wintour had come to run the glossy by way of New York, bringing to it a new kind of "aura" and energy.

"British Vogue went from being this rather genteel place where people went to work for a couple of years before they got married to somebody with a big house in the country to actually being somewhere where you could do cutting edge work and have a career," Lovatt-Smith recalled.

This new era for British Vogue meant that Lovatt-Smith, an international editor for the magazine, was afforded actual editorial responsibility, a rarity at the time, and something she credits to Wintour.

"I did get a feeling that I was working with someone very special and that it was a very particular moment in the zeitgeist and that I was a part of that, and that was amazing actually," the OAfrica organization founder said. "An incredible opportunity. Really a case of being at the right place at the right time."

Watch more from Lisa Lovatt-Smith's conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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