Vogue Turkey December Issue Features Jacquelyn Jablonski's Decolletage (PHOTO)

We're hot on the case of the missing decolletage.

Jacquelyn Jablonski covers the latest issue of Vogue Turkey, looking stunning in a red blouse and high-waisted skirt as styled by Daniela Paudice.

But we were a little perplexed by Jablonski's appearance in the chest region -- did her breasts simply go missing?

Jablonski, one of high fashion's go-to girls, is small in the chest department to begin with, like so many top models -- nothing wrong with that. But her chest looks unusually smooth, like the mag simply Photoshopped her entire torso into one flat, shiny surface. The faint line above her necklace looks a bit like a sheer overlay, but from the looks of these behind-the-scenes photos, you can see that Jacquelyn's totally bare-chested in the center.

The super smoothing is certainly not as egregious as other Photochopped body parts -- Victoria's Secret is infamous for making limbs disappear and Ann Taylor's gotten into the act, too.

See the Vogue Turkey December 2011 cover below -- does this look like a Photoshop Fail to you or just one seriously lithe model?