Voice Actor Fired By Geico, Lance Baxter, Blames FreedomWorks (VIDEO)

The voice actor who was fired by Geico after leaving a disparaging voicemail for the tea party PAC FreedomWorks, spoke to Fox News' about Geico's decision to let him go.

Lance Baxter, also known as D.C. Douglas, told Geraldo Rivera that he regretted calling the group mentally retarded, but that he did not regret comments asking Freedomworks how they plan on reacting when a member of their group turns violent.

Baxter urged those who support him not to direct their anger at Geico, but at FreedomWorks.

FreedomWorks posted audio of Baxter's message, along with the actor's telephone number. In a separate interview with Fox that pas part of the same segment, FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe, accused Baxter of posing as a victim.

Rivera pointed out that Baxter was something of a victim and had suffered for his remarks. Kibbe responded, saying that he thought it was fair to judge Baxter for his remarks.


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