"Voices For Peace: Tell Them Who We Are"

In this PSA, fifty Iranian-Americans express who they are and why they're for peace. If you know someone who has never met anyone of Iranian descent, share this message with them.
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President Bush warned on Monday that he had not ruled out the use of force to end Iran's allegedly "suspect" nuclear program, however he also said that he hoped to end the crisis diplomatically. At the same time, Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced that Britain freezes assets of Iran's largest bank in a further move to discourage the country from developing "nuclear weapons." In response, Iran has withdrawn around $75 billion dollars from Europe to prevent the assets from being blocked under threatened new sanctions over Teheran's nuclear ambitions. These moves have made millions of people around the world concerned about the next moves in Tehran and Washington, particularly before the next general elections...

express who they are, what they believe in and why they're for peace. They've asked If you know an American who has never met anyone of Iranian descent share the below message with them...

"It is time for all people of conscience to call upon America to return to her true home of brotherhood and peaceful pursuits. We cannot remain silent as out nation engages in one of history's most cruel and senseless wars. During these days of human travail we must encourage creative dissenters. We need them because the thunder of their fearless voices will be the only sounded stronger than the blasts of bombs and clamor of war."
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
February 26, 1967

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