We all hear them. Sometimes they are from words spoken by others. Sometimes they are the sounds you hear in your own head.

I believe that each of us has a voice that deserves to be shared and heard.

It is something I have been thinking about...a lot. And some recent posts by two women, Karen Osburn, Women Wanting More and Kirsten Roberts, Radical.Life gave me pause and a push at the same time - just when I needed it.

We all need a push sometimes - even when we don't know it. But when we get the push, we feel relieved, like a weight has been lifted. Permission has been granted to move forward, move onward - one step at a time closer to the real ME. You see, both women recently have talked about having Power but being afraid of the Power they had. Having a voice but not sharing it or letting it be heard.

Many of you reading this know what I mean. You know you have a strength and voice that you may not want to show for fear...

Fear of failure...

Fear of ridicule...

Fear of being bigger and standing taller...

Fear of success...

Whatever the fear, let today be your new First Day. The first day you:

  • Listen to your Voice
  • Embrace your beauty
  • Embrace your power
  • Share your Voice

Each of us has a voice that should be heard. But it can be hard, a real challenge at times to figure out what that voice is.

  • What should we say?
  • How should we say it?
  • Should we say it?

Keeping this in mind, a good friend of mine, Brett Cline, posted this yesterday after having run an 8-mile race in 58 degrees and pouring rain:

"Sometimes it's good to do something that's hard when you don't need to so that you know you can do something that's harder when you have to."

While it can feel hard or uncomfortable to share your voice, your power - now is the best time to start. Doing it when you don't necessarily have to makes it so much easier to do it when you need to.

And when you do this, share your power and use your Voice to communicate to be heard, you are benefiting not only you but those around you, those you influence and those you love.

As a mom of 2 boys, when I share myself and my voice, I am giving them permission to do the same. They see it's okay and even fun to be your truest, best self. To not be afraid of your own strength and beauty.

So, what are your Voices saying?

Will today be your New First Day?