Jon Voight: Obama "Bringing Us To Chaos And Socialism" (VIDEO)

Fresh off making headlines for calling President Obama a "false prophet" at a GOP fundraiser, actor Jon Voight appeared on Bill O'Reilly's show Tuesday night to continue pressing his case against Obama.

After a quick name-checking of Julius Caesar--as in Obama thinks he is a "soft-spoken Julius Caesar"--Voight got down to business, making the case that Obama is "a fellow who's bringing us to chaos and socialism." [scroll down for the transcript.]



Here now, Mr. Voight.

So what -- what is your essential beef, when you just cut down -- it

was a long speech you gave -- with President Obama?

What -- what's the main complaint?

VOIGHT: Well, it is essentially this, Bill, if I had to break it

down. We were warned by Hillary Clinton that he had no experience, that

he had no qualifications. We were warned by his now vice president, Joe

Biden, he had no experience. So he was a novice.

And now we're getting what we could have expected, if we had

listened. We have a fellow who's bringing us to chaos and socialism.

O'REILLY: I don't see any chaos. In Iraq he's pretty much doing

what Bush did. He's keeping the soldiers there. There may be chaos

when we start to withdraw, but right now it's...

VOIGHT: The chaos I'm speaking of is economic chaos.

O'REILLY: OK. But let's stay -- let's stay with foreign policy and

we'll get into...


O'REILLY: ...because you made some points about Julius Caesar, wants

to convince the world. Obviously, you feel he's naive and idealistic.

VOIGHT: Well, I feel he's weak.

O'REILLY: You feel he's weak?

VOIGHT: Just exactly why we have this muscle-flexing from Korea.

Nothing's happening. They...

O'REILLY: What would you do, though?

I mean, you know, we've talked this over. It's a very tough

situation in Korea.

VOIGHT: Well, this is -- there must be a response.

O'REILLY: What kind of a response?

VOIGHT: Well...

O'REILLY: See, now we're getting into a really tough area.

VOIGHT: No -- are you -- do I have the experience to say something

that deeply needs to be said?

I have a, you know, a head on my shoulders, and I can think of a few

things. But certainly they should be let to know that there are going

to be consequences.