Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad 'The Force' Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Super Bowl Ad Goes Viral Before The Game Starts

The Super Bowl hasn't even started and one of its coveted ad spots has already gone viral on the Web.

A Volkswagen Super Bowl ad called "The Force" has registered more than 12.5 million views on YouTube, 10,000 comments and 62,000 "likes" with four hours to go until the game. (Scroll down to watch the ad.)

The Star Wars-themed commercial has also already become the most talked about ad on Twitter, according to the site "Brand Bowl 2011."

Deutsch LA Creative Director Michael Kadin told NPR the early jump was intentional: "These days, it's all about getting the content ahead of the Super Bowl so you create a buzz before you get to the game."

Lost Remote notes the genius behind the early release:

While it’s certainly not the first time a Super Bowl advertiser has revealed a spot before the game, it may be the first time the best commercial ran on YouTube before the big game. Now when it airs, many people will explain to their friends that they’ve already seen it — a sort of “reverse recommendation” that carries its own social cache.


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