Volunteers Save Dogs From Breeding Farm

A dog breeder from Alabama sent 96 King Charles Cavaliers to a puppy mill auction. An attorney, Angie Hubbard Ingram, said these auctions are made possible by a federal exemption that provides amnesty for kennels looking to leave the large-scale breeding business. Ingram volunteers for Cavalier Rescue USA and upon discovering this auction arranged the rescue.


A group of eight volunteers rescued the dogs from the puppy mill auction after raising $200,000 in 11 days. The cause, known as "Operation Rescue Cavalier," saved 96 Cavalier King Charles spaniels, seven shiba inus, one French bulldog, two cocker spaniels, one shih tzu and one Yorkshire terrier.

The rescues were arranged to go to five different rescues, the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue Trust, Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue, Treasured Pals Small Spaniel Rescue and the Greater Chicago Cavalier Rescue, and the rescue Ingram is a volunteer at.

The $200,000 was raised through gofundme.com "We were all surprised at the outpouring of financial support from around the world," Ingram said. "I felt a huge responsibility had been entrusted on me and made a firm commitment with [fellow volunteer] Crys Carnes to ensure that the stated mission would be adhered to no matter the cost -- 'no Cav left behind.' Once we found out there were other breeds at the auction, the mission became 'no dog left behind."

Not only are these volunteers rescue heroes, but all the individuals who donated to make this large scale rescue possible.