Volvo Truck Drives Over Employee's Head In Terrifying New Ad (VIDEO)

We sure hope they accounted for the ground being a little soft.

Volvo Trucks' latest ad boasts that its new FMX truck has 300 millimeters (almost 12 inches) of space between the ground and the vehicle's undercarriage. To prove it, Volvo employee Roland Svensson, who is 63 and helped develop the truck's new high-clearance suspension system, buried himself in the ground so that only his head, which measures about 10 inches, was sticking out.

And then one of the trucks drives right over him. But don't worry, he's fine. There was a bit of space to spare.

Volvo Trucks confirmed to The Huffington Post that the ad is real but was enhanced by some "Hollywood editing" to make it more exciting.

The Swedish truck maker has proved that the new FMX sure has a lot of (or just enough) clearance, and also that it will go to great lengths to aggressively promote its lorries' best qualities.

The same day Svensson's "drive over my head" exploit was published, the company posted a similarly ballsy ad showing Volvo Trucks President Claes Nilsson standing on a truck suspended by a crane high over Sweden's Gothenburg Harbor. AdWeek verified that the feat wasn't faked, so amateur Internet sleuths can just stop right there.

How do you say "YOLO" in Swedish?



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