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Vooza Skewers Bay Area Startup Culture With Hilarious Aplomb (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bay Area Startup Culture Spoofed In Hilarious Web Hoax

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a single San Franciscan in possession of a good fortune must be in the process of pitching a startup.

Pretty much everyone who lives here comes up with a cool idea for an app at some point. Whereas normal humans follow up their brainstorms by going about the rest of their day like nothing had happened, people in the Bay Area then head down to Palo Alto and hustle for seed money.


Maybe it's because of the proximity to Silicon Valley success stories like Google and Facebook, or maybe everyone in the Bay Area got too much encouragement as children. But whatever the reason, nerds in chic eyeglasses feverishly working on vague startup ideas is just as encoded into the region's DNA as sourdough bread or socially acceptable public nudity.

All of this geeky enthusiasm is ripe for parody, and satirical startup Vooza has found a cheeky niche skewering the entire culture with aplomb.

"To come up with something truly original, you have to ignore common sense," Vooza founder and CEO Matthew Stillman explains in a video kind of describing whatever it is that Vooza does.

"Vooza brings together group messaging, recommendations and local search in a way that's real time and customizable," he says in a self-important deadpan. "And then also we steal data from your phone and sell it."

Every aspect of Vooza's satire is effortlessly spot on. Anyone who's sat in a hip San Francisco bar for long enough has likely been forced to endure someone describe an app that's "like Spotify meets Grindr except for rental cars but run like it was for a hotel."

Wanna know what Vooza does? These videos will totally explain it:

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