Vote Like It's Brain Surgery

Vote Like It's Brain Surgery
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Imagine you had a brain tumor and had to choose a surgeon. What would be your criteria?


A fun personality?

A preference for vodka over whiskey?

Great taste in clothing?

A regular guy/gal who, despite designer clothing and great hair, is unthreatening?

Someone with little experience, say a single operation under their belt in a remote hospital?

Someone un-elitist enough to graduate at the bottom of their class from Med school?

How about someone who speaks vaguely? Who sees too much information as a burden? Who evaluates what little they have casually? ("Oh yeah, I see a little blob-y thing-y on your brain scan...")

Someone who applies a single technique to all their surgery?

Someone who refuses to work with another surgeon to solve complex problems? Who is intolerant of any views but their own?

Someone who'll tell you what you want to hear?

Someone who assures you that brain surgery is simple? (No problem. Easy and low risk. Just sign on the dotted line.)

How about someone just like you?

And when it comes to electing leaders who have your life and your children's future in their hands, what are your criteria?

These are ours:

Someone we can look up to.

Someone who is smarter than we are.

Someone who has worked hard to get into and achieve at the best schools they could attend.

Someone who has read and understands the Constitution.

Someone well versed in history, philosophy, economics, sociology, environmental studies, politics, business, economics, science, technology

Someone who knows geography. Who is traveled in and experienced the interconnected world we all call home.

Someone who has a demonstrated history of real accomplishment.

Someone committed to taking big money and corporate money out of politics.

Someone who is intolerant of intolerance.

Someone who wants to work collaboratively to save the country.

Come on, people--it's time to vote like your life depended on it.

Demand excellence. Demand knowledge. Demand intelligence. Demand integrity.

What are your criteria?

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