Vote or... Just Vote

It is National Voter Registration Day on September 23, an entire 24 hours dedicated to getting unregistered voters to fill out that voter registration form and commit to voting in this upcoming midterm election. For this civics nerd, it is amazing that this is a designated day. Voting has a holiday besides Election Day.

As someone who has worked in the civic engagement space and is currently running for office, I recognize that I have a more heightened awareness of this calendar date than others. Even if this is your first time getting involved in an election, it is the right time to start.

You're a woman? Register to vote.

You're between the ages of 18 to 24? Register to vote.

Republican? Register to vote.

Democrat? Register to vote.

You're simply eligible? Register to vote.

This can be seen as a self-serving declaration as a candidate for public office, but we are missing important voices in our democratic process.

Regardless of your political leanings or your issues, some organization out there will help you register. As someone who wants to see everyone engaged, there is no problem pointing you in the right direction to the right resources. I'll start with Rock the Vote.

This election is about the individual voter. It is a guarantee that your registration and vote can and will make a difference. With so many close races and important initiatives across the country, your vote could be a part of a several hundred-vote difference on a candidate or an issue.

Does the form seem long? It is really not that bad. Trouble getting to the polls? You can elect absentee.

The proper retort to what many people feel is do-nothing politics is do-something voting.