Vote Out Larry Summers

Today the Washington Post has a "Spring Cleaning Special" in which ten writers make the case for something that deserves to be tossed out this spring. On the trash heap is everything from academic tenure to the White House press corps to the phrase "Muslim world." I chose to argue for the elimination of Barack Obama's chief economic adviser, Larry Summers.

My argument is that Summers represents an often overlooked cause of the global financial crisis: Brain Bubbles (not to be confused with bubble brains). This is the process wherein the intelligence of an inarguably intelligent person is inflated and valued beyond all reason, creating a dangerous accumulation of unhedged risk. Brain Bubbles need to be popped; Larry Summers needs to be stopped!

The good news is that Washington Post readers seem to agree. Last I checked, readers were voting to toss out Summers more than anyone or anything else on the list. So add your voice and vote out Summers here.

You never voted for him anyway. In fact, chances are that you voted for a presidential candidate promising to reverse the elites-first economics that Larry Summers -- the ultimate Brain Bubble -- has championed his entire career.