VOTE! Super Bowl Snacks Bracket Challenge: Round 2

VOTE! Round 2 Of Our Super Bowl Snacks Bracket

Round 1 of Kitchen Daily's Super Bowl snack bracket challenge is over -- thanks to everyone who voted! After nearly 2,000 votes, here's how it all played out ...

Nachos were the big winner of the day, owning the largest margin of victory in Round 1 -- the cheesy chips took 60.1% of the vote over potato skins. But other races weren't so cut-and-dry, as two particular match-ups went down to the wire. In a shocking upset, salsa took 50.2% of the vote over guacamole (how could fat-free ever beat out fat?). Nearly as close was the battle between chili and subs, with chili owning 50.5% of your favor.

Sadly, we're also saying goodbye to pizza, pigs in a blanket, pretzels and chocolate chip cookies -- plus a big "au revoir" to French onion dip. But Round 2 awaits us with more delicious options, so get voting. Make it count! (Scroll below the infographic to vote.)

Voting is now closed for Round 2! You can still vote below for fun, but know that your votes won't count toward the final result. Check back in with Kitchen Daily on Feb. 2 to check out the semifinals!

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