#Vote4ThisBillOrIWontVote4U: Register To Vote To Become A 'Citizen Lobbyist' For Your Cause

with Chiara Greene This election is SO much more than just Trump and Hillary. If you are registered to vote, you can become a "Citizen Lobbyist" on behalf of an issue YOU deeply care about and substantially change this country ON November 8!

So, what do YOU want?

Want Affordable College? You can lobby for that.

Want Equal Pay for Women? You can lobby for that.

Want Income Equality, Money Out of Politics, to Fight Climate Change, to Protect Animals, to Lower Taxes or Raise Taxes, a Higher Minimum Wage, The Federal Legalization of Marijuana, the Labeling of all GMOs, a Wall between The US and Mexico, Increased or Decreased Restrictions on Guns, to Regulate Wall Street . . . or anything else?

You can totally lobby for that.

All it takes is 279 representatives to change America. 218 votes in the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES + 60 in the SENATE + the vote of our Commander in Chief and we can make anything happen. That's the simple truth about our democracy

And you are a more powerful lobbyist to get the right 279 representatives elected than all of the professional lobbyists and big corporations combined. Politicians MUST listen to you. Regular lobbyists can only give money. "Citizen Lobbyists" can give (or withhold!) the ONE and ONLY thing that politicians ever really need - VOTES!!

But only if you are registered. Are you? If not, you can do so NOW! https://register.rockthevote.com/registrants/new?partner=35885

In the "Midterm Election" two years ago, only 18% of Millennials voted. If Millennials voted in massive numbers, this generation of passionate changemakers could possibly throw out all 435 of the 435 Members of The United States House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 Members of The United States Senate on November 8 . . . and elect ONLY Congresspersons and Senators who agree, in writing, to vote FOR the bill or bills Millennials deeply care about . . . BEFORE we vote for them!

So, just pick one or a few CURRENTLY EXISTING Bills that matter to YOU. Bills that will solve problems and transform the country in the way YOU want it to be transformed.

Then, tell your current Congressperson and Senator, on social media, the name of the bill that is deeply meaningful to YOU and then #Vote4ThisBillOrIWontVote4U.

And if he or she doesn't C0-Sponsor those bills, DON'T VOTE FOR THEM!

Vote for their opponents. But only after you tell THEM, #Vote4ThisBillOrIWontVote4U . . . and THEY agree, in advance, to Co-Sponsor these bills as soon as they are sworn in!

There is plenty of time between now and November 8 for ANY current Member of Congress to sign on as a Co-Sponsor of ANY bill BEFORE November 8. (Co-sponsorship is a public statement that they support and will vote for your bill.) A list of transformational bills that have the support of a significant or overwhelming majority of The American People that ALREADY exist can be found at http://www.279forChange.us or one can search the terrific civic engagement website, http://www.Countable.us for a list of every bill in Congress.

And, if you and your social media friends can crowdsource 218 Co-Sponsors of your bill, it can actually PASS The House after the election. Crowdsource 60 Co-Sponsors of your bill and it can actually PASS The Senate as well and go to President Obama for his signature to make it "The Law of The Land" before he leaves office.

Your vote is precious. Don't be easy. Make your candidates EARN YOUR vote! Be a Badass Voter. Be a true "Citizen Lobbyist" and move beyond Trump and Hillary to use your status as a Registered Voter in The United States of America to change The United States of America.

Chiara Greene is C0-Founder and Millennial Liaison for The 279 for Change Campaign