Was Romney Truly a Massachusetts Resident When He Voted For Scott Brown?

Please note: This article originally stated that Romney would not reveal his 2010 tax returns because they might show he was not a Massachusetts resident. That was an error . Indeed, on Romney released tax returns for 2010 he did list "Belmont, MA", as his home address, but we do not know if it were his own address or his son's. We also do not know if he paid Massachusetts income and capital gains taxes for that year. The article has been revised to correct that error. The author apologizes to Mitt Romney, to HuffingtonPost and to his readers for this error. It remains an unknown question whether Mitt Romney indeed satisfied the legal requirements as resident when he voted for Scott Brown.

Mitt Romney voted for Scott Brown in the special Massachusetts election to fill the seat of the late Ted Kennedy (D-MA).

He listed his residence as the unfinished basement of his son's home in Belmont, MA.

Whether the elder Romneys were legal residents of Massachusetts at the time is unknown. If he released his Massachusetts taxes for the same year he released his federal taxes, we would know.

We do know that he also had a home in New Hampshire. Why might he want to live in New Hampshire? Because New Hampshire has no capital gains or income taxes. So, the Mittster parked some of his money in the Cayman Islands, some in Switzerland, and parked himself in New Hampshire, all to avoid taxes.

Nonetheless, Mitt allegedly voted in the Scott Brown election. Ann probably did too.

To release his 2010 Masschusetts tax returns would settle the question about whether he committed voter fraud.

And, we all know how deeply concerned Republicans are about voter fraud, don't we?