Hamburglar Stars In Prank Calls To Trump's Voter Fraud Hotline

The creator of "Gravity Falls" shared audio of himself describing the McDonald's villain and posing as a character from his animated show.

A hotline set up by President Donald Trump’s campaign to gather any dirt on baseless charges of voter fraud has been flooded with prank calls by people making up tall tales or laughing uproariously, ABC News reported Saturday.

Alex Hirsch, creator of the “Gravity Falls” cartoon, called Friday to report a suspicious character sounding very much like McDonald’s Hamburglar stealing votes. Or maybe it was “antifa,” Hirsch suggested. He asked to speak to Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, before the staffer who took the call hung up on him.

The voter fraud hotline was intended to unearth a mountain of cases Trump hoped to take to court to reverse President-elect Joe Biden’s win. Instead, the hotline has become a “nightmare” for many staffers, including several whose contracts are up in a few days with the election over, sources told ABC.

Prank-calling the hotline has become a trend on TikTok.

Hirsch also called in the voice of one of his own characters, Grunkle Stan Pines, boasting that he stole a sack of votes. He demanded that “Rudy” give him a medal.

Hirsch passed on the hotline number for anyone else who wanted to get in on the action.

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