Voters Decide That Judge Having Sex In Chambers Is NBD

"Voters will get what they voted for," opponent said.

Ardor in the court didn't cost this jurist his job.

A California judge who was reprimanded for having sex with two women in his chambers was re-elected on Tuesday -- and the vote wasn't even close.

Scott Steiner won 56 percent of the vote against Karen Schatzle, The Associated Press reported, citing unofficial results from the Orange County registrar of voters.

Steiner, a Superior Court judge for five years, was censured in 2014 by the Commission on Judicial Performance for boinking his intern and an attorney in his chambers, the Los Angeles Times noted. Both were once law students of the judge.

"Engaging in sexual intercourse in the courthouse is the height of irresponsible and improper behavior by a judge," the commission said, per the Times.

Steiner was also criticized for attempting to help one of his sex partners get a job with the district attorney's office, the Orange County Register reported. In addition, he was reprimanded for not recusing himself from a case that involved a pal.

"Judge Steiner is proud of the job he’s done on the bench, and the voters agree,” his campaign manager, Scott Hart, told the Register.

Steiner's opponent, Schatzle, had pledged to restore "integrity" to the court and said on her website that Steiner had "made a mockery of what our community expects of our Judiciary."

After Steiner's victory became apparent, she told the Register:

"The voters will get what they voted for."

Here's a Steiner campaign video:

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