Voters Not Superdelegates

As Republicans get their political house in order with Romney bowing out
and Mccain making nice with the conservative wing of the party,
Democrats appear to be heading towards chaos. Most troubling is that
party insiders, members of Congress, union leaders, party officials and
an assortment of activists known as superdelegates, now hold the key to
the nomination for Obama or Clinton. Each of the superdelegates' votes
is now equivalent to about 10,000 Democratic voters. With the candidates
almost tied in delegates to date and with battles brewing over currently
disqualified delegates from Florida and Michigan, the Democrats must
move now--before the fight moves from a principled one to a purely
political one. Once it becomes clear exactly how the superdelegates will
impact the vote, an objective assessment will be impossible. In an
effort to avoid another Bush v. Gore crisis of confidence, we have
for all the superdelegates to simply support the vote of their
state or district and effectively disqualify themselves now.

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