Voting for creation

Voting for creation
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I have written at length, elsewhere on this blog, about the damage that fundamentalist religious beliefs about evolution do to attempts to save the environment, and indeed do to democracy itself. It seems to me, the more I think about it, that a belief in the biblical account(s) of creation, and an age of the world of 6000 years, reveal such a failure of intellect that people with such beliefs should not be able to vote in a democracy. This goes beyond merely odd beliefs, or casual eccentricities, into an area where the mental processes are so flawed as to render believers incapable of forming rational judgements in the real world.

And not just flawed, but voting in a way that is so irrational as to distort the democratic process. These are people who can be whipped into a frenzy by two words 'gay marriage', or just one word 'evolution'. They can be brought out onto the streets to have some rather odd laws three thousand years old put into their courthouses. The thought of abortion will send them to the polling booths. Candidates who carry a bible under the arm and walk through the doors of a church will be worshipped in turn. A single preacher can prevent his flock voting one way and demand they vote another way.

It is said that the economy functions best when consumers acting with perfect information in their best interests combine in millions of individual decisions to refine supply and demand, select the best goods, respond rationally to advertising. The same could be said of a democracy - ideally voters have perfect information and then vote in their best interests. A combination of people with concerns about health, education, security, pensions, the environment, who know what the policies of the candidates on those issues are, result in a vote that expresses the will and concerns of all the people. This is not what the religious fundamentalists are doing, these one issue religious voters, and the more of them who are voting, for irrational reasons, the more distorted an election will become.

Hard to stop all fundamentalists voting of course, more's the pity. Hard in practice to draw the line. But if people with other serious mental problems can't vote, and if there is a constant push to disqualify former as well as current criminals from electoral roles, then creationism is a far more important reason for disenfranchisement. Perhaps we should add another question at the polling booth - do you believe the world was created 6000 years ago? You do? Sorry, you won't be voting in this election. Come back when you are prepared to join real electors in the real world.

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