Voting Is the Party, Did You RSVP?

Everyone wants to be invited to the party -- and Rock the Vote wants to tell you about a party that everyone over 18 is invited too. It's voting, and earlier this week Rock the Vote celebrated the day that helps get everyone on the invite list: National Voter Registration Day. National Voter Registration Day is a day when every eligible U.S. citizen can celebrate their role in our democracy by getting registered to vote. Rock the Vote is proud of what we were able to achieve this week, with having celebrities such as Kerry Washington, Kendall Jenner, Selenis Leyva and Becky G supporting Rock the Vote by encouraging their fans to get registered. With the election heating up, we are also excited to be teaming with a media giant like iHeartMedia to inspire young people and first time voters to have their voices heard and be involved in shaping the nation's future.

'Voting is the Party' is a campaign from iHeartMedia and Rock the Vote that launched in conjunction with National Voter Registration Day and will continue for the next 14 months. The premise of the campaign is to encourage a new generation of voters to join the political process and stress that it is not about the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, but that voting is the party. Just as MTV and Rock the Vote's partnership and the iconic PSAs they created in the '90s helped spark interest in politics, this new partnership hopes to do the same for millions of young voters across the country.

Did you know: 12,000 Americans are turning 18 every day and Millennials will total over 93 million next year, with the potential to comprise a decisive bloc of up to 40% of the voting electorate. By leveraging iHeartMedia's 850 radio stations and industry-leading iHeartRadio digital platform, we know we can bring these new voters into the political process.

You will hear stories from iHeartRadio artists, on-air personalities and listeners about the importance of voting and learn about your local voting information, such as voter registration deadlines and poll location information. Over the next 14 months, iHeartMedia and Rock the Vote will closely cover all aspects of the election process and offer unique opportunities for listeners to get involved.

National Voter Registration Day is only the first day of many to celebrate voting as the party. Over the next several months, we hope to spur new voter registrations, support existing voter engagement and celebrate a surge in turnout on Election Day.

To RSVP to the party, the first step for those who are 18 and older is to register to vote online at In America, voting is the party.