Vox Media Lets Advertisers Join The Chorus

Vox Lets Advertisers Join The Chorus

Vox Media announced some changes to its "magical" content platform, Chorus, at its upfront presentation in New York City on Thursday, Capital New York reported.

"Magical," is how Vox co-founder Melissa Bell described Chorus to The New York Times last year, Capital recalled. The content management system has become quite the celebrity among publishers, praised for allowing Vox journalists to essentially do everything in one place -- edit, identify errors, incorporate photo, push out on social media, etc.

But the digital-only media outlet announced "Chorus for Advertisers" Thursday, officially giving advertisers access to the system for the first time. DigitasLBi will be the first agency to try out Chorus, Vox CEO Jim Bankoff said.

As AdAge's Michael Sebastian put it: "Talk of content management systems is usually boring, but Chorus is sort of famous."

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